Cocktail Video Demonstrations

The Mojito l Kubarz

The Mojito is no doubt one of today’s most popular cocktails. With a refreshing blend of Bacardi, mint, lime and soda water the Mojito is a winner at any party or event!

The Moscow Mule l Kubarz

The Moscow Mule is a beautiful and simple cocktail with vodka, lime and ginger beer shaken over ice. A great cocktail for large events as they tend to be enjoyed by a large cross section of people, these are always a favourite at any Kubarz function!

Strawberry Caipiroska l Kubarz

The Strawberry Caipiroska is a delicious twist on the original caipiroska. With the addition of strawberry liqueur and fresh strawberries this will always be popular with guests. With the fresh muddled strawberries and vodka shaken with ice this is a summer hit every time!

Pink Stiletto l Kubarz

The Pink Stiletto is beautiful mix of vodka, peach schnapps & cranberry juice and is the perfect cocktail for a Hens party or Cocktail Party. With a sweet, light taste your guests will be sure to love this fun cocktail!

Fizzy Sipper l Kubarz

A beautiful summery champagne cocktail that’s great for outdoor elegant events and weddings. With a great fizzy finish and served in a champagne flute your guests are sure to love the Fizzy Sipper.

Cosmopolitan l Kubarz

Who doesn’t love a cosmopolitan right? The perfect blend of vodka, Cointreau, cranberry and a squeeze of orange garnish all shaken over ice makes this cocktail a great one to have on those special nights or occasions.

Blue Monday Cocktail | Kubarz

Vodka and liquer. That is what makes this concoction great. Almost everyone hates Mondays. Cure your work-related blues with well, Blue Monday. Do not be mislead by the perky blue colour this cocktail is delicious!

Campari Crush | Kubarz

Opposites attract. When bitter meets sweet, a Campari Crush is just the thing. It has the bitterness of Campari and the sweetness of grapefruit juice that makes this cocktail great.

Caipiroska | Kubarz

Caipiroska is a form of a Caiprihinha prepared with vodka instead of the usual cachaça. It is a popular cocktail in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina and a sweet treat you are sure to enjoy.

Bloody Mary Cocktail | Kubarz

A Bloody Mary is a popular cocktail containing vodka, tomato juice, and usually other spices or flavourings such as worcestershire sauce and tabasco sauce – a spicy kick starter you are sure to love

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