Why Cocktails Are Not Just For The Ladies

October 25, 2017
Functions & Events
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With responsible service of alcohol laws the way they are many licensed venues these days are not serving shots or double shots of spirits in mixed drinks. While we understand the reasoning behind this ordering a cocktail is a great way to enjoy a drink that has few different types of liquor in them.

The funny thing these days is that many men see cocktails as ladies drinks; however things are changing with many traditional cocktails now getting a “manly” twist to appeal to modern man.

The Mai Tai is a prime example of this as in some places its now served with a more rum and not in a tall glass but a short glass to appeal to the blokes out there, this cocktail among others is getting a makeover to appeal to men.

In fact a good bar attendant and the humble cocktail, can be a man’s best friend. If you are a bloke and a little new to the whole idea of cocktails and not sure want you want, you just need to guide your bar attendant a little on what you want and like.

For example many men may enjoy a double shot of a quality Bourbon on the rocks however why not turn that into a delicious cocktail that you can enjoy – for example use your double shot of bourbon and add a little sweet vermouth and few drops of bitters, then stir it in a mixing glass with ice and you have a “Manhatten”. This cocktail is normally served in a martini glass with a cherry at the bottom of the glass however served in a nice whisky glass over ice and suddenly the men in the room are standing up and taking notice of cocktails!

If Gin is more your thing, maybe a Martini is for you, the drink of course was made famous by James Bond although they should be stirred, not shaken as he suggest in his movies. Again this can be served in a nice whisky glass over ice to make it a little more appealing to the men out there.

If you prefer Tequila, you would love Margaritas. Tequila with Cointreau and fresh lime juice served in a short glass rimmed with salt over ice is a great way to drink a Margarita.

There really is a cocktail for every occasion that can be “manned up” , for example, the Mojito is a great cocktail that’s served in a short glass combining Bacardi, fresh lime and mint and topped off with a splash of soda water. Its very refreshing and easy to drink and the perfect “not so girly” drink to enjoy over summer.

An “orgasm” which is a combination of Cointreau and Baileys on the rocks, and while they may sound a little a lady like they are in fact quite strong and very easy to drink.

There is literally a cocktail to suite every occasion and everyone’s (be it woman or man’s) taste. Cocktails can be very sweet and pretty looking, like a lot of people perceive them to be but they can also be bold and simple, something that a man would enjoy to sit down with friends and enjoy over a great conversation or even watching sports.

If you have a function, party or event you need some bartenders for make sure you choose a company that understands everyone differences and preferences. Whether its choosing the right cocktails for the woman and men or in fact other beverage selections and advice such as choosing the right wines to match to the food you are serving.

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