A Guys “Sports” Night In

March 12, 2018
Functions & Events
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If you asked most sports fans what is the best way to watch their favourite team play, a high percentage of people most likely say “in a corporate box.”

Kubarz has come up with something, that we believe is better.

Let’s firstly look at the advantages and problems associated with the different ways of watching sport and then show you why you will love the Kubarz way of watching your favourite team play.

  • Corporate boxes do offer a great view of the game, good service, nice food and drinks, however they can lack atmosphere compared to other parts of the ground.
  • Getting to the game is often a frustrating experience, you can drive and battle game day traffic keeping in mind its also a nightmare to park and get out of the carpark at the end of the game and of course the poor old designated driver is limited to soft drinks OR Taxis or Uber can be expensive, hard to secure and public transport can be annoying and crowded to say the least!
  • Watching the game from the grandstands, may have a better atmosphere, however the food and drink standard is often average and always overpriced.
  • Watching the game at the pub is ok, it is enjoyable watching the footy, soccer or cricket and having a few drinks with your mates but you seem to miss parts of the game getting drinks and with the noise you miss most of the commentary.

Kubarz took all this into account and wanted to create the perfect way to enjoy watching your favourite team.

So we created the home corporate box experience; we can design the function to make it perfect for you and your mates.

For example, some partners may get upset if you go out drinking and watching sports with your mates over and over again, so why not invite your wives and girlfriends over and if they do not like the same sport we can create two functions within the one that everyone can enjoy! We could be serving drinks to you and your mates while watching the game and keeping the ladies happy with amazing cocktails.

You can create a great atmosphere with a group of mates with amazing food and drinks and watching your favourite team, this way the experience is entirely in your control.

No more hassles get to and from the game, no more fighting the crowds, no more average food and drink, no more missing the game – all from the comfort of home!

The ladies and men really enjoy these functions and are so much fun, they do come with a warning however, they can be addictive; in fact some of our customers have these types of functions regular basis.

These functions are cheaper than you think and can be designed to most budgets in a per head basis – so next time the big game is coming up, before rushing out to spend money on tickets, transport and sub-par food and drink why not spend that same money and have an at home experience or a “boys night in” with Kubarz!

Contact us today to receive a customised quote for your needs and budget, choose from as little or as much as you need by talking to our friendly event managers – save the stress, time & avoid the pain – Contact Kubarz today for your next function or event

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