Must Have Cocktails for Any Party

October 24, 2016
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While a diverse bar is always a welcome treat at any party or function, there is no denying that there are just some drinks that are favored no matter where you go. Unique cocktails may provide a great novelty, but at the end of the night you will discover that the most commonly sold drinks are those that have been favoured for years. Knowing what drinks to offer at a party or event can make it more successful. What follows are some of the drinks that you simply must have when hosting a special event. 

Simple Drinks;

Providing elaborate mixed drinks is certainly a great idea, but keep in mind that some people prefer to keep it simple. Whiskey, rum, or scotch and soda are always going to be favorites. Gin and tonic is another drink that is easy to make but that is commonly ordered. Even the basic screwdriver, which consists of orange juice and vodka will receive many orders during a busy party or event. Never consider any drink too simple, and realise that outside of beer these will probably be your biggest sellers. Ensure that you have plenty of ingredients on hand. 

Mixed Drinks and Cocktails;

While standard and simple beverages will provide the bulk of your orders, not everybody enjoys these cocktails. Many people enjoy drinks that are fruity or that mix more than one liquor. Keeping cranberry juice, orange juice, and a variety of schnapps on hand will ensure that you can make whatever your guests are looking for. Cosmopolitans are common choices and require cranberry juice, vodka, and Triple Sec. Keeping triple sec and grenadine on hand is always an important thing to remember. This allows you to make tequila sunrises as well as other popular drinks. Fuzzy navels are also popular with party guests.

Ensure that you have a variety of liquors on hand so that you can anticipate guest needs. A Long Island iced tea is a very popular beverage that combines four different white liquors. It also requires lemon juice, so be certain to keep some on hand. Milk enables you to make other popular drinks as well, including mudslides and White Russians.

Frozen Drinks;

If you are planning on serving frozen drinks, there is more to think about. In addition to a large amount of ice, you will need pineapple, strawberries, and other fruits as well as juices. Margaritas, daiquiris, and pina coladas are very popular choices any time that frozen drinks are available. (You will also need lots of ice!)

When it comes to ensuring that your guests are happy, you need to offer a large variety. While this may sound overwhelming, however, you will find that it can be easily managed. An assortment of basics, such as fruit juices, milk, grenadine, and triple sec can provide the foundation for a number of popular cocktails. Add in an assortment of the most popular liquors and liqueurs and you have created the ideal setting to make almost anything that your guests are able to come up with at any event, party or wedding!