How to Pick the Perfect Theme for your Wedding

September 27, 2016
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Once your engagement has been announced and your wedding plans are under way, an often overlooked part of the planning is what theme will characterise your big day. Wedding themes, come in every style imaginable. So it can be difficult to narrow it down to just one, particularly with so many other things to think about before the big day. That’s why we’re here to give you some helpful tips on how to select the perfect theme for your wedding.

Why Bother with a Wedding Theme?
So, why theme a wedding? Well, it can tie the whole celebration together with a host of personal touches, arrangements and moods. This can go a long way towards making your special day the most memorable one of your life. A good theme can add your own personality and that of your loved ones into the wedding, truly making it your own.

Choose a Special Location
You are blessed with a huge variety of excellent venues throughout Australia from beaches, parks, back yards, venues, estates and unique locations to name but a few. This is great news, however your location should be more than just pretty – it should reflect you and your loved one. So, if you have always wanted to tie the knot and have a garden party reception, make sure your special location can accommodate this.

Make It Personal
When choosing a theme for your big day, it really helps to get in touch with your inner self. Reflect a little and get a feeling for what will best define your connection as a married couple. Look at old pictures of you and your loved one, regale one another with old love stories and get to the heart of why you love this person. Then, try to convey that in your theme.

Take Advice and Welcome Help
If there is a wedding being planned, there will inevitably be lots of advice coming your way from friends and family. It’s really important not to disregard these ideas, because they might actually be really helpful. Not only is it great to have help choosing and organising your theme, but sharing ideas with family members brings them together, which can make your special day even more special.

A Good Theme Lasts a Lifetime
Selecting the perfect wedding theme can be what makes your day memorable for everyone involved. With that being said, do not be daunted if you are struggling to come up with ideas you love. Instead, try to follow some of these tips and you should come up with some great options that you, your partner and your guests will love and remember for ever.