How to Plan your Wedding Day

November 15, 2016
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Planning a wedding can seem like a very overwhelming task. Whether you are planning a wedding for yourself or for a loved one, you will find that there are many details that you have to get just right.

Hiring professionals to handle every aspect of the event can be quite costly, but doing everything on your own can be absolutely overwhelming.

Instead, your goal should be to find the ideal balance between the two.

With enough help to make the big day a success, but enough of a do it yourself approach to keep it affordable, you will find that everything can go perfectly.


What can I do?

There are a surprising number of things that are easier to do yourself. For example;

  • If you have already booked the venue, you will find that you can purchase decorations at local party stores or wedding supply stores and set the hall up yourself. You will be responsible for cleanup, but if you elect to stay away from glitter and smaller items of that nature, it should be no problem.
  • You can also purchase flowers yourself to add to the décor without having to pay a florist big money to create individual arrangements.
  • You will also find that you can easily handle centrepieces for each table. Flower arrangements are traditional, but many of today’s weddings are offering unique ideas. For example, placing a disposable camera at each table allows guests to capture the big day on film, giving the bride and groom plenty of wonderful memories to take home. (You can also create a unique hash tag # so guests can take their own photos and upload them to social media using your unique hash tag so you get a wide array of photos from different guests!)


Where Should I Get Help? 

There are three main areas where hiring professionals might be best;

  1. The first is your music. While setting up a CD player or computer generated playlist can allow your guests to dance the night away, it makes it hard to enjoy requests, special dedications, and fun wedding party games. Hiring a DJ or bringing in a friend with the right equipment and the ability to get guests moving can be well worth the expense.
  1. The other times where hiring professionals is recommended is when it comes to both food and drinks. A mobile caterer can prepare a number of excellent dishes, offering plenty of choices. They will also handle cleanup as well as serving each guest a high quality and delicious meal and canapés.
  1. Mobile bartenders are much the same, and they bring with them the ability to make hundreds of drinks and allow you or your guests to not have to worry about self service. (this will also keep everyone on their best behaviour in regards to drink consumption!) You can choose the types of drinks you wish to serve and even how many bartenders you need. Best of all, they can bring their own drinks, mobile bar, bar equipment and even provide the cleanup.


How do I make My Wedding Memorable?

Everyone seeks the perfect wedding and when you are able to combine a DIY approach with just the right professionals, you can achieve it without breaking your budget.

Many aspects of planning the big day are better done by someone familiar with the couple. By hiring the right suppliers and allowing loved ones to do the rest, your big day can be a truly memorable and joyous occasion.

Remember your big day should reflect what’s important and special to you, if you and your partner have a great time so will your guests!