Spring Party Ideas

July 24, 2017
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There is nothing quite as frustrating as being known as the host who threw the most boring or mundane party of the season. With spring comes a new awakening. The coldness has gone, birds and flowers are everywhere, and people are looking to just get out and have some fun. Spring is an excellent time to host a fantastic party, and there are plenty of ideas to help make it more fun. Today, we will look at some unique and fabulous ideas for a spring party that will certainly be anything but mundane.

Outdoor Fiesta

There are few things more exciting about spring than the ability to simply go outside without having to rug up. A great spring bash could certainly be held outdoors, and offering your friends the chance to get outside and really enjoy themselves may be well appreciated. A fabulous fiesta themed event can be a great time for everyone. Ask everyone to don their sombreros, grill up some great Mexican inspired dishes, take a few whacks at a piñata, and have a ball! Decorating for outdoor parties is always easy, and offering your guests some authentic tequila based cocktails can get everyone in the party spirit.

The Great Aussie BBQ

While there are ample elaborate themes and ideas for a fun spring party, sometimes there is simply nothing that can top a great cookout. For a simple but great evening with friends, consider breaking out the grill and preparing some standard barbecue cuisine. Chicken, steak, hot dogs, anything you like. Keep the food hot and the drinks cold, and you have the recipe for an excellent party. Just keep plenty of beer on ice, serve some traditional cocktails, sit back with your friends, and enjoy!

A Waterfront Bash

Another favorite when it comes to spring parties is an event held on the waterfront. Whether it is the beach, a local lake, or even a river, there is just something fun about being on the water. Find a local spot where you are allowed to serve drinks and gather along the water, and invite your friends for a fantastic day. You can enjoy swimming and outdoor games while taking in a deep breath of outdoor air and celebrating the new season. By using disposable service ware and bringing along pre-mixed drinks or hiring a mobile drink caterer, you can keep cleanup to a minimum, ensuring that your party is nothing but fun and games.

Spring really is one of the best times to have a party. With the winter chill long gone, there are very few limitations when it comes to the venue. Finding a location that is well suited to your friends and ensuring that you have the drinks and food you want to serve is often all that you need to do. Spring parties offer everyone the chance to get out and enjoy themselves after a winter spent largely indoors.
What better way to celebrate the new season than to throw a party to remember?