What Your Taste in Cocktails Say About You

October 4, 2016
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For those of us who enjoy a cocktail every now and then, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves going back to the same concoction we know and love. Whether it is a classic martini, a refreshing screwdriver or a refined mojito, your cocktail of choice can speak volumes about your personality. So if you are wondering what your preferred poison says about you, then look no further. This post goes into detail about what traits and characteristics are associated with some of the most popular mixtures.

Vodka Soda
A crisp, classic vodka soda is a great choice of cocktail if you are wanting to enjoy a drink, but don’t want to stand out for it. It is the swiss-army knife of choices and can satisfy any palate with the addition of a little cranberry, pineapple or orange juice. The vodka soda is also great for someone not wanting to spend a small fortune at the bar. However, it is not exactly a refined option and might paint you a little pale.

Ah, the martini. A classic cocktail that typifies sophistication, elegance and Bond-esque levels of suave. Although we have a picture of the ‘traditional’ martini drinker in our heads – a debonair gentleman in a three-piece – the reality is that this drink is incredibly strong. Most people that regularly order martinis seem to be a little too fond of the sauce, so be warned.

A Manhattan is a sure-fire sign that you are going all-out with your drinking tonight. Manhattan’s have a solid reputation for getting you very drunk, very quickly. Although traditionally deemed a masculine drink, more women seem to be ordering this option at bars and clubs these days, making it a popular choice for all.

Anything with a Little Umbrella
This type of cocktail comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes – from the classic ‘cocktail-in-a-coconut’, to sugary concoctions in huge pitchers – and they attract a very young crowd. The type of person that goes for this type of cocktail is either having a lot of fun or they are young drinkers. If you do try one of these luxurious options, be warned – a hangover the next day is a certainty thanks to the risky combination of sugar and booze.

Gin and Tonic
Another classic cocktail that is perfectly suited to a sunny afternoon. The crisp, clean taste of a gin and tonic attracts a more gentile crowd, and as such it is seen as classy. This cocktail does not discriminate, and is ordered by both men and women equally. Overall, this is a great go-to drink a warm day or a relaxed evening.