Tips for Making Great Cocktails

October 25, 2016
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If you are hosting a small get together, watching the big game or are looking to entertain guests from out of town, you may just find yourself playing bartender.

Nobody wants to be caught with only soft drinks, water, and tequila, and having the right ingredients on hand is certainly important. What follows are a few tips on what to buy, what to make, and how to make it so that your next impromptu drink making attempt goes smoothly and flawlessly.

Tip # 1- Know Your Drinkers

The drinks you want to have on hand will depend largely on the guests you will be serving them to. While no group of people really fit into a single stereotype, there are a few rules of thumb that can help. If, for example, you are having a group of guys over for a football game, beers and basic liquors such as whiskey, rum, and scotch should be more than enough. Keep soft drinks and ice on hand to mix drinks and you should be golden. If the boss and his wife or a few couples are coming over, consider picking up wine, fruit juices, vodka, and other easy mixers so that you can offer a variety of beverages.

Tip # 2- Know what to Buy

Ok. So you know that you need a bottle of vodka, some rum, a bit of tequila, and some fruit schnapps. That may sound like your shopping list in terms of alcohol, but you still have more work to do. Should you spring for the priciest bottles out there or choose a cheap, bottom shelf liquor? While catering to the boss by offering high end drinks can certainly get you brownie points, keeping a standard, middle range bottle in your liquor cabinet will work just as well. If you are worried, make the drinks in another room. Never, however, serve bottom shelf liquor. Distillation methods and ingredients are usually as cheap as possible, and the effects range anywhere from a hangover to severe stomach upset. Spend a few extra dollars for a name you trust and your guests will certainly thank you for it.

Tip # 3- Measure Your Drinks

Whether you are making scotch and coke drinks for the boys or martinis for your dinner guests, the importance of measuring cannot be overrated. Simply put, too much liquor is going to kill a drink. If the drink is too strong, you run into a couple of potential problems. Either the drink becomes unpalatable and your guests stop drinking or your guests start to get inebriated as soon as the evening begins. Measure your liquor, averaging a shot per drinks. It is safer, cheaper, and leads to a better party.

Mastering the art of creating the perfect cocktail takes practice, but these tips will certainly give you the foundation that you need. There are many great beverages out there that you can make, and you will find that you can easily combine compatible ingredients to make your own delicious drinks. Always pay attention to your guest lists and your measurements and you will find that your friends quickly come to see you as their new favourite bartender! (Mind you if you don’t have the time simply contact us!)