When Is Beverage Catering a Good Idea?

April 4, 2019
Functions & Events
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In times where money is often tight, we tend to have a bit of a do it yourself approach to almost everything.

In many cases, this can be a great idea.  In some events, however, it can be a costly and even risky approach.

One area where this is certainly true is beverage catering.

While you can likely handle handing out beers at a backyard barbecue or passing out juice at your two-year old’s birthday party, there are some events that simply require something more.

If you are hosting a large event or party, hiring beverage catering professionals can be the best idea.

There are a number of laws and regulations when it comes to serving alcohol in certain venues and hiring a team of licensed professionals can take both worry and liability out of your hands.

You will also find that a great beverage catering team can offer a wide array of equipment and will know how to make virtually any drink requested.

You can even request that only certain drinks be sold, such as beer, wine, soda, or cocktails.  The party will still be very much your own, but drink service will be handled by the pros.

Most beverage caterers also offer price matching with local bottle shops so you will get a professional service for the same investment and allow you to enjoy your actual event.

At the end of the day how often do you have a special birthday, get married or organise a truly special event, not often!

So why risk that event and put the service in jeopardy, contact a professional event service to ensure your day is a truly special one.

Beverage catering is certainly the best option when using rented or public spaces, but it can be a big help at other times as well.

Any time you will have a large number of guests, hiring a beverage catering service can make the event more successful.

With easy methods for tracking drinks and prices and with the ability to bring all of their own alcohol, you will find that using a beverage catering service can be quite cost effective.

Professional bartenders know what your guests are looking for and they can ensure that they have the materials and skills to make it perfectly thus creating a truly memorable event!

We of course recommend choosing Kubarz, rated the number 1 mobile bar, cocktail and catering company Australia wide to ensure you party is a hit and the correct beverage selections are chosen to impress your guests and make sure your party is a hit!

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